Queen Of Mantas

A little about Andrea

Educated in the United States and Australia, Andrea Marshall was the first person in the world to
complete a PhD on manta rays. Shortly after, Andrea co-founded the Marine Megafauna Foundation.

Vowing to dedicate her life to the preservation and management of the remaining manta ray populations globally, Andrea continues her campaign for their protection worldwide.

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Join Andrea and her team on international expeditions to the world’s best and most exotic manta ray destinations…Read more

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As a principal scientist for the Marine Megafauna Foundation Andrea Marshall leads research and conservation programs to save globally threatened manta ray populations. See All The Videos


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Favorite Manta Dive Spots

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  • Raja Ampat (Indonesia)

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Life in the Blue

Andrea Marshall

As an explorer, it is my job to travel to some of the most remote and pristine areas of the globe to do research on some of the biggest fish in our oceans. Bearing witness to the things that I encounter along the way, from intimate moments with manta rays to the horrors of blast fishing, it is my hope that I can draw you into my underwater world and show you the ocean from my perspective... Read more