Queen Of Mantas

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The acclaimed BBC Natural History documentary Andrea: Queen of Mantas debuted in Nov 2009 to an audience of 2.4 million people and has since been shown in over 100 countries worldwide


A clip featuring Andrea’s work with manta rays from Episode 3 of BBC NHU’s revelatory series ‘SHARK’ which debuted in May 2015.




As global director of the Marine Megafauna Foundation, Andrea talks about MMF’s work in Mozambique and their model as they expand worldwide


One of National Geographic’s 2013 Emerging Explorers, Andrea gives a compelling talk on her work at National Geographic LIVE event



What can you say about manta rays in 6 minutes? Watch Andrea’s inspiring TED talk from 2012 to find out!





A project leader for the Save Our Seas Foundation for 8-years Andrea talks about her early career discoveries



Andrea talks about her monumental discovery of a second species of manta ray for the first time