Queen Of Mantas




Andrea is grateful for key partnerships and long-term supporters of her work. The generous support that she is given has allowed her to expand and strengthen her conservation campaigns worldwide.


                Andrea Marshall Emerging Explorer 2013 small


One of the greatest honors of my life was being named as an Emerging Explorer by National Geographic in 2013. To be recognized by this incredible society and to receive support for my work with manta rays is a great privilege.




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SCUBAPRO (South Africa & France)

I have been diving since I was 12 years old and I have always relied on ScubaPro equipment in the field. In the water, safety is my number one priority, but as someone that spends most days underwater, comfort and functionality are also key factors. Scuba Pro equipment ticks all of those boxes and it looks great too! The safety ratings and reliability of the equipment gives my teams the security we need in the complex environments we work to focus on the job not the gear. ‘Deep down you want the best’, and ScubaPro comes through for us time and time again. I am so grateful for ScubaPro’s unwavering support of my diving career and for their generous contributions to my on-going research efforts in Mozambique and my global work on manta rays.



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My career relies on me being able to keep pace with some of the biggest fish in the ocean. The advent of carbon fibre fins changed the way that I am able to interact with marine species like manta rays, dolphins and whales. Pierre hands down makes the best carbon fins on the market and I carry a pair with me wherever I go!


Ultralight Control Systems

Ultralight Control Systems produces the highest quality USA made products with unsurpassed customer service and has been serving the underwater photography and cinematography industry since 1995. UCS specializes in the manufacturing of sturdy lightweight machined aluminum camera, video, and monitor accessories such as arms, clamps, trays, base adaptors, handles, monitor mounts, assorted brackets, and more. ULCS has been sponsoring MMF’s science and media teams in Mozambique since 2021, providing them with top quality photography and technical gear for their threatened species program, which namely focuses on endangered sharks and rays.