Queen Of Mantas


“Creating opportunities for interested parties to participate in authentic research and conservation field expeditions is something that is very important to my husband and I. We appreciate our supporters especially the participants who choose to travel with us around the world as we forge new ground and make new discoveries” – Andrea Marshall
Jason filming reef mantas in Raja Ampat

In their own words….

“Thank you so much to Andrea and Janneman for an amazing 9 days in the Yucatan. It was a great experience to participate in a “realistic” expedition. Looking for breaching mantas and black fins for a week reassured me that the ocean is what I feel the most passionate about. This expedition also allowed me to see how much help is needed in Mexico. Andrea is truly are an inspiration, and I’m going to work very hard so that one day I can have a lasting impact in ocean conservation as she has.” –Isa Navarro

“My expedition was such a buzz, I learnt so much and literally feel like it was a life changer for me, meeting amazing people and getting to see Andrea and Janneman at work was just so inspiring and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. I already am trying to decide when I can next fit another trip in and I cannot wait! Andrea and Janneman are just simply awesome! It’s great to see Andrea making sure everyone knows she has the time to talk to anyone about anything. Both of them are so helpful, they never got fed up being asked the same questions multiple times, and they are so present wherever they are, it’s so refreshing and it’s really made this expedition and you guys stand out from other expedition opportunities and NGOs for me. I can’t thank you enough for this experience!” –Fin Lambermon

“I think you guys have so much more of an impact on the world than you probably even realize. I know that I am already so inspired to do more than I already do. Thank you for reinvigorating my purpose to share this amazingly incredible water world with the next generation. It has been so refreshing and amazing to learn about your work and influence on so many projects and animals in countries all around the world. I really am so full of hope and I can’t wait to pass on the firsthand experience that a couple of people can definitely make a huge impact. Your influence is having a snowball effect and it is so exciting to see it just get bigger and bigger. Thank you for just doing what you love and being who you are!” –Teri Seron

“We loved our time with you and the Marine Megafauna team. I am already strategizing how we can meet you on another Ray of Hope Expedition next year. Overall, the trip exceeded my expectations. I have been on several citizen scientist expeditions and yours stands out as a highlight ;).” –Tiffany Schauer

“My Ray of Hope Expedition has been a life altering experience for me. I had witnessed firsthand how smart and friendly mantas are. I had whales swim right next to me and a sea lion come and visit me while I was doing apnea on the rope. I am totally convinced that the lovely and dedicated group of people running this show will help save those enchanting creatures. This expedition sincerely is a Ray of Hope.” –Yaniv Keinan

“Thank you so much for one the most amazing experiences I’ve had. Everything in the trip was perfect…Jannaman and you are great hosts and what you guys do at Ray of Hope Expeditions is just out of this world. Every detail was taken care, from the beginning talking to Jannaman and getting all the logistics ready…up to the very end when he went to my hotel at 1 am to see me off in my taxi! It actually shows how personalized the expedition is, and how much you guys care for your guests. Really really appreciate everything you guys did for us and I am really happy I could be part of this year’s expedition.” –Patricia Chiabra

“The scientists and dive team were brilliant giving us interesting talks on mantas and manta research and were ever present to answer questions, review photos, and guide our embryonic research efforts. Would I do it again?  Definitely!  And I would I recommend it? Again, definitely! I know there was a more serious research aspect to this trip, but it never occluded the fun element and it was a very worthwhile and informative experience for me and I hope I will be a better and more consciously marine aware diver because of it. I also hope that at some point I will be able to find an outlet to help disseminate the important messages of the Marine Megafauna Foundation- alerting the wider world to the significant threats to our oceans in general, and to mantas and whale sharks in particular. When I think of all the people in the world who never get to witness this wonderful and exotic world that exists beneath the waves, I realise what a privileged few we are that do.” –Anne Paylor