Queen Of Mantas


Raja Ampat (Indonesia)

November 19, 2014
By Andrea Marshall

Info- Raja Ampat- the center of global marine biodiversity. If you haven’t yet visited the Bird’s Head Seascape Archipelago, then stick it on your bucket list now. Raja Ampat is as gorgeous underwater as it is above, with some of the most pristine coral reefs still on Earth. It also happens to be the home of both species of manta ray, living in mosaic sympatry throughout the region. Like Komodo, manta rays are found at particular aggregation sites throughout the park. In some areas you can encounter reef mantas swimming lazily around shallow sandy channels, others you can have awe-inspiring interactions with giant mantas visiting deep water coral reefs.

Species of Manta Giant Mantas (Manta birostris) and Reef Mantas (Manta alfredi)

Manta Season- My favorite time to visit the park for manta rays is from December-April

Who to dive with:

Ray of Hope Expeditions Raja Ampat

Liveaboard- Arenui

Arborek- Volunteer with Barefoot Conservation